Nova & The Overt/Covert Abusive Parents – Generational Trauma, PTSD, Neglect, & Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

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Brandon talks with Nova about being raised by overt and covert abusive parents. It’s a story of generational trauma, smear campaigns, terror, and becoming your own abuser. Plus they discuss, gaslighting, physical abuse, isolation, sibling abuse, rage, anger, confusion, shame, scapegoats, neglect, abuse by proxy, control, medical neglect, conditional love, having no voice, addiction, trauma, PTSD, self harm, eating disorders, silent treatment, grey rock, depression, toxic workplaces, triggers, healing process, empathy, saving yourself, validation, and much more. ****Trigger Warning – This episode describes graphic physical abuse ****

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*** If you or someone you know are experiencing abuse, you are not alone. offers an extensive library of articles and resources that can help you make sense of what you’re experiencing, connect you with local resources and find ways to heal and move forward. Visit to access this free resource.  

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