Dasha, The Emotionally Invalidating Narcissistic Dad, & Aunt Lena – Domestic Abuse, Narcissist Abuse, Generational Trauma

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Dasha’s family was controlled by her emotionally invalidating narcissistic dad. It was the cult of her father. And unfortunately for Dasha, she cracked under the pressure of mixed messages, expectations, and keeping herself small. However, a funny thing happened to Dasha while she battled depression, a light burst through those cracks. And Dasha finally began to take the necessary steps to live a life free from the family and her dad’s controlling thumb.

Brandon talks to Dasha about her narcissistic father and his emotionally incestuous relationship with her Aunt Lena, her views about his abusive romantic relationships, being abandoned by her mom, smear campaigns, mixed messages, emotional invalidation, the cult of family, gossip as currency, depression, stonewalling, finding autonomy, neglect, generational trauma, scapegoats, golden children, family dynamics, competition, financial abuse, animal abuse, perfectionism, being voiceless, not allowing emotions, anxiety, reactive abuse, nitpicking, rejection, suicidal ideation, rage, the silent treatment, lies, gaslighting, eating disorders, breaking free, and much more.

*** TRIGGER WARNING – This episode discusses animal abuse and suicidal ideation. ***

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