In 2019, I began interviewing survivors of narcissistic and domestic abuse on my podcast, Narcissist Apocalypse. In that time, I’ve published over 250 survivor stories, interviewed countless experts in the field, from therapists, to lawyers, to domestic violence advocates and agencies. 

My philosophy for the podcast was to be different, and to me, that meant to be real, not clinical. My goal was to help survivors tell/validate their own stories, but to also validate and teach other survivors through those stories. And a crazy thing happened, it worked.

Narcissist Apocalypse has grown beyond my wildest dreams. It now reaches upwards of 10,000 listeners an episode and it keeps growing every day. If you read the reviews on Apple Podcasts, you can see just how much of an impact the show has made in the lives of our community members. Yes, we are now a community.

Narcissist Apocalypse has evolved into something bigger. We’ve taken the philosophy of the podcast and have extended it to power our support groups. Narcissist Apocalypse isn’t just me anymore. We are now a community. And that community is here to support you at every step of your healing process and beyond.

Being part of your lives and watching people grow in our support groups has been quite an honor. So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for listening. And a big thank you for helping everyone feel less alone. Welcome to our community.

With Much Love, Brandon Chadwick.

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