Henrietta & The Cult of Family – Narcissist Mother, Emotional Abuse, Generational Trauma

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Brandon talks with Henrietta about her manipulative narcissistic mother. Imagine having cancer as a young child and having the Make A Wish Foundation grant your dream of seeing the Backstreet Boys, only for your mother to convince you to take a trip to Vietnam instead because that’s what she wanted to do. Well, that’s Henrietta’s mother for you. It’s a story of generational trauma, scapegoats, parental alienation, & the cult of family. Plus they discuss, perfectionism, no contact, child sexual abuse, the bee hive mentality, sibling rivalry, the golden child, authenticity, autonomy, secret motivations, arranged marriage, expectations, hypocrisy, control, respect, guilt, gossip, and much more. *** TRIGGER WARNING – This episode discusses child sex abuse by another child. ***

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