Caroline H & The Double Life Abuser – Domestic Violence, Narcissist Abuse, Sexual Abuse, IPV

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It only took six weeks for Caroline’s partner to begin his devaluation. As the years went on, the things Caroline’s partner claimed to love about her, were the very things he started to use against her. From Caroline’s appearance to her laugh to her jobs, Caroline’s partner picked fights about everything and then blamed her for getting upset. However, this all came to a head just weeks before Caroline’s wedding, when she uncovered a horrifying secret life.

It’s a story of gaslighting, perfectionism, doubling down, physical abuse, sexual abuse/assault, psychological abuse, infidelity, put downs, blame shifting, healing, crazy making, doubt, fear of failure, shame, embarrassment, isolation, escape plans, support, double lives, and much more.

*** TRIGGER WARNING – This episode discusses physical abuse and graphic descriptions of sexual abuse/assault. ***

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