ShowSelf Defense Episodes

Episode 5

Roman & the Smear Campaign Bluffing Narcissist – Narcissistic Abuse, Divorce, Court, Gaslighting, Custody.

Brandon talks with Roman about his marriage to a narcissistic chameleon that used a bluff and smear campaign against him. It's a story of mirroring, facades, victim playing, threats, triangulation, and the normalization of chaos.

Episode 14

Neely & The Emotionally Abusive Cheating Narcissist – Narcissistic Abuse, Infidelity, Reactive Abuse, Gaslighting, Trauma.

Brandon talks with Neely about her toxic marriage to a cheating narcissist. It's a story of It’s a story of narcissistic in-laws, smear campaigns, reactive abuse, and begging for love.

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