ShowFinancial Abuse Episodes

Episode 159

Shannon & The Mirroring Covert Abusive Addict – Domestic Violence, Narcissist Abuse, Trauma

All Shannon ever wanted was the security of a whole intact family, and for three years, Shannon lived that dream. But unfortunately, once Shannon was diagnosed with cancer, her husband's mask slipped, and Shannon's lifelong dream became an absolute...

Episode 34

Lennon & Maybe This Is What Love Is – Domestic Violence, Narcissist Abuse, Financial Abuse, Emotional Abuse

Lennon met her future husband at a rooftop bar. He was intelligent, driven, strong, and seemingly steady. However, as soon as their relationship became romantic, controlling behavior emerged. And once they were married, the coercive control ramped...

Episode 107

Judy & The Fairy Tale Nightmare – Betrayal, Infidelity, Domestic Violence, IPV, & Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

Brandon talks with Judy about her fairy tale 15 year marriage that turned into a nightmare with a covert narcissist. It's a story of betrayal trauma, infidelity, financial abuse, PTSD, love fraud, and stolen memories.

Episode 106

Ethel & The Violent Narcissist – Domestic Violence, IPV, PTSD, Infidelity, Codependency, & Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

Brandon talks with Ethel about her physically abusive relationship with a violent narcissist who used their PTSD as an excuse for everything. It’s a story of victim playing, infidelity, guilt, shame, emotional abuse, and the power of persuasion.

Episode 13

Adelaide & The Dehumanizing Wealthy Narcissist – Infidelity, Narcissistic Abuse, & Domestic Violence Survivor

Brandon talks with Adelaide about her 10 year toxic relationship with a dehumanizing wealthy narcissist abuser. It’s a story of financial abuse, isolation, infidelity, neglect, threats, and that something was wrong..

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