Cassandra & The Charming Christian Rage Filled Narcissist – Domestic Violence, Narcissistic Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Trauma, Gaslighting, Shame, Custody, Manipulation.

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Brandon talks with Cassandra about her marriage to a charming Christian rage filled abuser. It’s a story of threats, using kids as pawns, shame, the broken court system, and smear campaigns. Plus they discuss, belief systems, people pleasing, energy healing, gaslighting, name calling, mirroring, bonding over trauma, control disguised as protection, trusting your gut, isolation, manipulation, bullying, court, custody, trauma, parental alienation, Disneyland Dads, jail, fixing, and much more. *** TRIGGER WARNING – This episode briefly discusses child sexual abuse & incest in regard to history of Cassandra’s second husband, physical abuse, and suicide threats. ***

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