Brandon talks with Beatrix about her toxic relationship with a trust bombing abuser. It’s a story of arrested development, abuse tactics, escape plans, & post-separation abuse. Beatrix was a single mom who was tired of struggling when she thought she met the man of her dreams. Beatrix’s ex was former military. He was someone who seemed responsible. Someone that looked the part of a good partner and stepdad, but that was all a facade. . Come listen to Beatrix’s story where they also discuss, generational trauma, walking on eggshells, gaslighting, intimidation, threats, sleep abuse, enabling in-laws, perjury, court and custody mistakes, knowing the psychology of the abuser, childhood abuse and neglect, addiction, and much more. **** TRIGGER WARNING – We discuss childhood sexual trauma (Beatrix’s parents had sex in nearby areas without caring what she was exposed too) and adult sexual assault of a male. ****

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