Nico & The Facebook Swindler – Scam, Narcissistic Abuse, & Predator Survivor

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Chad talks with Nico about her toxic relationship with a serial predator. Nico’s story spans multiple countries and involves 30+ other women. It’s a story of Facebook phishing, future faking, financial abuse, solidarity, and knowing that something was wrong. Plus they discuss, mirroring, fake personas, mask slipping, ptsd, flying monkeys, manipulation tactics, button pushing, revenge, and much more.

People in this story:

Celine – French artist who was going to marry him until she started to unravel the deception and tell others.

Valerie – Attempted suicide when she found out about the other women.

Giselle – French artist who was going to marry him.

Brigitte – Acted as a “double agent“ and supported “the hunt“

Drew – Had an online relationship with the narc and first introduced Nico to the concept of NPD.

Nina –Musician who connected Nico and the guitar teacher.

Hanna – The reason Nico did not give up the hunt (cancer patient, got lured into a relationship via the fake “Cancer Connie“ profile and later debunked him.

Cancer Conny – Fake profile run by the narc.

Journalist – Also a musician, was stalked by the narc who then pretended some of the journalist‘s texts and bio were his own.

Hamid – Nico’s love who made it possible for Nico to hunt down the narc.

Domestic Violence Hotline Number – 1.800.799.SAFE

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