Melissa & the Emotionally Immature Narcissist – Narcissistic Abuse, PTSD, Trauma, Triggers.

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On this episode, Chad The Impaler talks to his old friend and narcissist abuse survivor, Melissa, about her narcissist PTSD, her triggers, and her coping mechanisms. Melissa bares her soul throughout the discussion, and as we later find out, her former narcissist boyfriend tried to contact her that day, throwing her into quite a tizzy. Plus, Chad wants more recruits for his Narcissist Combat Army for the upcoming Great War. *Disclaimer* This was our first episode and started off as an extension of a book we wrote. It was a humor book and Chad was an extension of it, but then it turned into what it became. So please don’t be offended by any of the jokes, they aren’t to be taken seriously. Especially the stuff about Germany. SEARCH KEYWORDS: Relationship PTSD Trauma Hoover

Special Guest: Melissa.

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