Conti & The PTSD From Abuse – Emotional Abuse, PTSD, & Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

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It’s the one-year anniversary of the podcast, and Chad briefly runs down the year that was with his old pal Melissa. But don’t you fret, there’s still a big interview with a narcissistic abuse survivor named Conti and Chad talks with Conti about her abusive relationship, generational trauma, obsessive thoughts, and PTSD. It’s quite the winding road of an interview that will help those battling obsessive thoughts/PTSD feel less alone and help others understand what they go through. Also, the show ends with one of the worst duets you’ll ever hear. PLEASE NOTE – WE DID HAVE A SOUND ISSUE FOR THE FIRST 5 MINUTES OF CONTI’S INTERVIEW. **** Come listen to our new podcast called Narcissist Apocalypse: Q&A Also, join our Facebook Support Group at And, if you’re looking for a a therapist or coach that undesrtands you, come to our directory at ****

Special Guest: Conti.

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