Cece & The Weaponization of PTSD – Financial Abuse, Domestic Violence, & Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

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Brandon talks with Cece about her toxic relationship with a financial abuser. It’s a story of narcissistic mothers, belief systems, trust tricks, emotional abuse, and using PTSD as a weapon. Plus they discuss, emancipation, jealousy, body shaming, parental neglect, true crime, future faking, addiction, fixing, sowing positive seeds as a manipulation tactic, using ailments as a form of control, nitpicking, vanity, double standards, compartmentalization, triangulation, turning on yourself, kernels of truth, discards, friend zones, supply, hustling, guilt, new supply, fixing yourself, breadcrumbs, social norms, and much more.

Domestic Violence Hotline Number – 1.800.799.SAFE

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