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Episode 35

Mia & The Triangulating Psychological Abuser – Domestic Abuse, Narcissist Abuse, Emotional Abuse, CPTSD

Mia met her husband as a teenager. Their relationship was a dream come true. But after the birth of their first child, everything about her husband changed. Mia was relegated to secondary supply and became the scapegoat of the family. Children as...

Episode 34

Lennon & Maybe This Is What Love Is – Domestic Violence, Narcissist Abuse, Financial Abuse, Emotional Abuse

Lennon met her future husband at a rooftop bar. He was intelligent, driven, strong, and seemingly steady. However, as soon as their relationship became romantic, controlling behavior emerged. And once they were married, the coercive control ramped...

Episode 33

Caroline & The Sexually Coercive Religious Abuser – Domestic Violence, Narcissist Abuse, PTSD

Caroline thought she met her Christian Prince Charming, and for 3.5 years, their dating life was near perfect. However, once they were married, Caroline's Christian Prince Charming quickly turned into a sexually coercive boundary pusher who couldn't...

Episode 3

Riley & Triangulating Physical Abuser – Domestic Violence, IPV, Narcissist Abuse

Brandon talks with Riley about her controlling relationship with a triangulating physical abuser. It’s a story of self love deficit, fixing potential, generational trauma, financial abuse, intimate partner violence, and the struggle to leave for...

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