ShowPhysical Abuse Episodes

Episode 3

Riley & Triangulating Physical Abuser – Domestic Violence, IPV, Narcissist Abuse

Brandon talks with Riley about her controlling relationship with a triangulating physical abuser. It’s a story of self love deficit, fixing potential, generational trauma, financial abuse, intimate partner violence, and the struggle to leave for...

Episode 29

Elle & The Paranoid Controlling Abuser – Narcissist Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Domestic Violence, IPV

Brandon talks with Elle about her toxic relationship with a paranoid controlling abuser. It’s a story of insecurities, conforming, sexual coercion, responsibility deficit disorder, recognizing patterns, and post separation abuse. .

Episode 27

Nina & Surviving The Status Driven Narcissistic Mother – Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, CPTSD, Trauma, Narcissist Abuse

Brandon talks with Nina about surviving abuse at the hands of her narcissistic mother and new abusive husband. It’s a story of kidnapping, conditional love, sexual abuse, physical abuse, sibling roles, trauma, guilt, shame, and healing.

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