The Alleged Coercive Control By Alexander Zverev Over Olya Sharypova | With Dr. Christine Cocchiola

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Join me, your host Brandon Chadwick, as I sit down with the esteemed Dr. Christine Marie Cocchiola to unpack the complex issue of coercive control within intimate relationships. By using the unsettling coercive control allegations by Olya Sharypova against tennis star Alexander Zverev as our backdrop, we navigate the crucial shift in terminology from domestic violence to coercive control, offering a more encompassing understanding of these toxic dynamics.

Our conversation delves into the pervasive nature of coercive control across all levels of society, from the personal to the systemic. Explore with us the psychological underpinnings of coercive control, including trauma bonding, grooming, and the role of narcissism. Dr. Cocchiola and I dissect the multifaceted aspects of control and manipulation, emphasizing the critical need for education on the signs of unhealthy relationships and the importance of early boundary setting. We also touch upon the challenging landscape victims face within systems like family courts, which can further perpetuate cycles of abuse.

*** CONTENT WARNING – Physical Abuse is discussed in this episode. ****

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