Johana & The Weaponizing Egotistical Narcissist | Domestic Violence & Narcissistic Abuse

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In this week’s abuse survivor story, Johana discusses her three year abusive relationship. Like many narcissistic abuse survivor stories, it all started with love bombing. And once the love bombing was complete, Johana’s abuser had complete control as the truth teller in her world. From there, Johana’s abuser started to weaponize his culture, and he began to employ every tactic in the power and control wheel. Isolation. Intimidation. Checking-in. Male privilege. Minimization. Denial. Blame. Gaslighting. Animal abuse. Financial abuse, Showcasing weapons. Putdowns. Johana’s abuser used them all, and thankfully, Johana is still alive today and able to tell her story.

It’s a story of belief systems, using culture as a weapon, coping mechanisms, the power-control wheel, getting your voice back, animal abuse, physical abuse, addiction, guilt, coercive control, jealousy, intimidation, minimization, gaslighting, isolation, toxic masculinity, weapons, slamming doors, putdowns, competency, doubt, financial abuse, Disney, self esteem, self confidence, suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, self love, getting your voice back, trust issues, rage, anger, being assertive, making yourself small, and trauma.

*** CONTENT WARNING – Physical Abuse, Animal Abuse, & Suicidal Ideation/Attempts are discussed in this episode. ****

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