Peeling Back the Layers: How to Identify a Narcissistic Abusers Lack of Empathy – Narcissist Apocalypse Q&A

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On this episode of Narcissist Apocalypse Q&A, we explore the subtle and not-so-subtle signs that can help you discern if an abuser lacks empathy. Listen in as we break down the signs to watch out for, such as quickness to criticize, being judgmental, intolerance of opinions that don’t match the abuser’s own, and much more.

Unravel the connection between a lack of empathy, how a narcissistic abuser views you as an object, and an abuser’s narcissistic injury. Learn how entitlement can drive them to push boundaries and demand your time and attention. We also examine the shame that often drives abusers, leading them to avoid their own feelings and project them onto others.

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