Escaping a Controlling Altruistic Abuser: Tori’s Story – Domestic Violence, Narcissist Abuse, Cult Abuse

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Join us as we welcome abuse survivor Tori to share her powerful story of growing up in an unstable home, a cult-like church, and eventually marrying an altruistic abuser. Through her journey, Tori uncovers how her tumultuous childhood and exposure to a cult-like atmosphere shaped her relationships and the person she chose to marry. Tori offers valuable insights into recognizing red flags, navigating abusive relationships, and finding the strength to break free.

Listen in as Tori reveals the cult-like tendencies of a church organization she joined, including food and sleep deprivation, control, and manipulation. She also shares her experience of falling in love with her altruistic abuser, who promised her the idealized future she always wanted, but instead led her through a marriage filled with chaos, infidelity, and emotional abuse.

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