Terry & Trauma Bonding to a Manipulative Stalker | Coercive Control, Narcissistic Abuse

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In this episode of Narcissist Apocalypse, we talk with an abuse survivor named Terry, and Terry was trauma bonded to a manipulative physical abuser. They say it takes an average of 7 times to leave your abuser, but for Terry is was much higher. To quote Terry “It’s not that I didn’t want to break away from my abuser, it was just, I didn’t know how to.” However, Terry eventually did go no contact, and then took her power back in a very big way.

It’s a story of isolation, feeling stuck, threats, stalking, trauma bonds, triangulation, physical abuse, addiction, infidelity, putdowns, humiliation, financial abuse, intimidation, minimization, denial, gaslighting, protection orders, love bombing, and exerting your power.

*** CONTENT WARNING – This episode discusses physical abuse. ***

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