Rerelease: Jean & The Psychologically Abusive Narcissist | Domestic Violence, Narcissistic Abuse

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In this episode of Narcissist Apocalypse, Brandon talks with Jean about her marriage to a psychologically abusive covert narcissist. It’s a story of Jekyll & Hyde, underlying motivations, sowing the seeds of doubt, divorce, and using children as pawns. If you are dealing with divorce, you need to listen to this episode as Jean has a plethora of good tips and advice. Plus, Jean and Brandon talk about, gaslighting, smear campaigns, trauma, OCD, subtle abuse, postpartum depression, health issues, hospice, hair loss, rage, uneven playing fields, future faking, and cognitive dissonance.

*** CONTENT WARNING – There is a brief discussion of a sexual abuse/control incident just after Jean gets married while they are in Las Vegas. ***

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