Play Therapy’s Role in Rebuilding Young Lives After Narcissistic Abuse | With Sybil Cummin

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In this episode of Narcissist Apocalypse, we welcome play therapist, Sybil Cummins (MA, LPC, ACS), to explore the transformative power of play therapy for children who’ve faced/witnessed the darkness of coercive control, domestic violence, and narcissistic abuse. Listen in as Sybil enlightens us on how imaginative play not only offers a vital outlet for children to process trauma but also strengthens their problem-solving skills. The conversation takes a crucial turn to address the devastating impact of domestic violence on children, revealing levels of PTSD that rival those experienced by war veterans, and emphasizing the urgent need for tailored support for these young survivors.

In the realm of protective parenting post-domestic violence, this episode sheds light on the strategies for nurturing and supporting children who have been through coercive control. We share personal insights on the importance of self-care for the parent and practical tips on creating moments of regulation to be that stable figure children need. Sybil offers her expertise on connecting with children who may be turned against the protective parent, reinforcing the significance of consistent behavior, unconditional love, and compassionate boundaries. For any parent facing the challenges of single parenting and striving to create a safe haven for their child, this discussion is an invaluable resource.

Sybil Cummin, MA, LPC, ACS

Rising Beyond Power and Control

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