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Coercive Control

Coercive Control in Children’s and Mothers’ Lives (INTERPERSONAL VIOLENCE SERIES)
by Katz, Emma

Coercive control is a severe form of domestic violence experienced by millions of children worldwide. It involves a perpetrator using a range of tactics to intimidate, humiliate, degrade, exploit, isolate and control a partner or family member. Some coercive control perpetrators use violence, others do not.Drawing on interviews with children and mothers who have experienced coercive control-bas…

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Invisible Chains: Overcoming Coercive Control in Your Intimate Relationship
by Lisa Aronson Fontes

Showered with attention? It can feel incredibly romantic and can blind you to hints of problems ahead. What happens when attentiveness becomes domination? The desire to control can lead to jealousy, threats, micromanaging, even physical violence. If you are trapped in a web of coercive control, this book provides answers, hope, and a way out.

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Coercive Control: How Men Entrap Women
by Evan Stark

Shows that most abused women seek help because their rights and liberties have been jeopardized, not because they have been injured. The coercive control model resolves three perplexing challenges posed by abuse: why these relationships endure, why abused women develop a profile of problems seen among no other group of assault victims, and why the legal system has failed to win them justice…

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