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Child Custody

The Batterer as Parent
by R. Lundy Bancroft, Jay G. Silverman, and Daniel Ritchie

Provides an understanding of batterers as parents and supplies clearly delineated approaches to assessing risk to children (including perpetrating incest), parenting issues in child custody and visitation evaluation, and impact on children’s therapeutic process and family functioning in child protective practice.

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Mothers on Trial: The Battle for Children and Custody
by Phyllis Chesler

An essential read for women facing a custody battle, as well as those who support them. This landmark book was the first to break the false stereotype about mothers getting preferential treatment over fathers when it comes to custody. In this new edition, Chesler shows that the news has only gotten worse: when both the father and the mother want custody, the father usually gets it.

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The Worst Interests of the Child: The Trafficking of Children and Parents Through U.S. Family Courts
by Keith Harmon Snow

The author’s meticulously documented investigation into sex-trafficking of children by judges is not to be missed. This scandal is one of the most important censored stories of our time. Anyone who says they care about child welfare needs to learn what is happening in family courts and take action until it is stopped. Once you start reading this expos, you wont be able to put it down.

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Prosecuted but Not Silenced
by Maralee Mclean

A powerful documentary about a mother and daughter’s tragic involvement with the judicial system when there were allegations of child sexual abuse against the father, plus 27 tips on protecting your children when they are exposed to the courts and 100+ pages of educational tools, resources and other references to help you best prepare for the child custody and family court matters.

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Will I Ever Be Free of You?: How to Navigate a High-Conflict Divorce from a Narcissist and Heal Your Family
by Dr. Karyl McBride Ph.D.

The author offers advice that will help you protect and nurture yourself and your children through your difficult divorce, from separating from your narcissistic partner and navigating the court system, where a narcissist can be especially destructive, to a restorative healing program of trauma recovery.

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The Business of Co-Parenting for Moms: How to be the CEO of Your Divided Family & Live in Peace (Volume 1)
by Merissa V. Grayson

Recognize the type of father you are dealing with from deadbeats to active dads, his probable perspective, and how to interact. How to adjust to new schedules, new home life, his new woman, and your new man. How to protect your family from unnecessary interruptions and problems via the legal system. Implement the 5 co-parenting actions required to progress into divided/blended family harmony.

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Divorced from Justice: The Abuse of Women and Children by Divorce Lawyers and Judges
by Karen Winner

Based on years of painstaking research and documented with compelling, real-life stories, paints a vivid picture of a divorce industry fueled by greed, favoritism and self-interest, and a judicial system that claims to value the sanctity of family yet allows unethical judges and attorneys to exploit and manipulate the laws for their own benefit.

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From Madness to Mutiny: Why Mothers Are Running from the Family Courts — and What Can Be Done about It (Northeastern Series on Gender, Crime, and Law)
by Amy Neustein and Michael Lesher

Examines the dysfunction of family courts that too often fail to protect the people they were designed to help. Chronicles cases where mothers are disbelieved and punished for protecting their children, shows how judges, private attorneys, caseworkers and other system practitioners produce a setting that looks like madness to everyone else, and offers reform solutions.

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Parenting by Men Who Batter: New Directions for Assessment and Intervention (Interpersonal Violence)
by Edleson, Jeffrey L.

What is the best way to work with fathers who have a history of abusive behavior? This question is among the thorniest that social service and criminal justice professionals must deal with in their careers, and in this essential new work Jeffrey L. Edleson, Oliver J. Williams, and a group of international colleagues examine the host of equally difficult issues that surround it.

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