Online Parenting Without Conflict



The goal of this class is to provide a skills-based information specific for parents who would benefit from learning new communication, emotion management, and problem-solving skills to effectively resolve co-parenting disagreements while remaining calm and protecting their children from conflict.

Parenting Without Conflict® is designed by Bill Eddy, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, lawyer (Certified Family Law Specialist), mediator, author and international speaker. This class focuses on positive future behavior, empowering parents to manage their emotions when communicating with their parenting partner, as well as their children. Included are skills on effective co-parenting, teaching your child skills for resilience for future success, and using appropriate problem-solving skills moving forward, rather past negative behavior.

This is a Level 2 High-Conflict Co-Parenting class designed for parents that are:

  • struggling with joint decision-making
  • in need of improving their emotions, communication and problem-solving skills
  • engaging in a formal or informal decision-making process regarding divorce and custody decisions or modifications
  • able to read at the 8th-9th grade reading level or higher (English or Spanish) and are competent with basic computer skills


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