Online Parenting Skills Thrive


To provide a self-directed, online educational class for court-involved parents or other parents in risk situations who would benefit from learning basic parenting skills. The primary goal is to minimize the risk of child maltreatment while optimizing child developmental outcomes. ​The class may be voluntary, recommended, or mandated by courts or other professionals.

As a result of participating in this class, parents should be able to:

  1. Report more effective and frequent communication with their children about emotions.
  2. Report and demonstrate more positive interaction skills with their children and more positive stress-management techniques with self and children.
  3. Report and demonstrate more developmentally appropriate expectations and interactions with their children.
  4. Report and demonstrate more consistency when interacting with and responding to their children.
  5. Report and demonstrate using positive and effective discipline methods with their children.
  6. Report greater self-confidence and satisfaction with parenting.

All units include several Children’s Time activities to be completed with Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers, School-Age Children, or Teens.


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