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About | Narcissist Apocalypse


The Story of Narcissist Apocalypse

Hi! I’m Brandon aka Chad and I’m here to tell you that Narcissist Apocalypse was/is the most fulfilling accident a person could have ever asked for.

Interviewing survivors of narcissistic abuse was never my intention. In fact, I started this podcast because I was writing an odd humor book about narcissism. The podcast was meant to be an extension of the book and Chad was its star. Thus, you hear me refer to myself as Chad the Impaler when you listen to the earlier episodes.

After my first interview episode, where I interviewed my old pal Melissa, a survivor reached out to let me know how Melissa’s story resonated with them, and with some encouragement from some of my friends, the podcast morphed into me interviewing narcissist abuse survivors.

At first, I posted on Reddit.com looking for abuse survivors that wanted to be on the show, and thankfully one person got back named Elliott. It was my first interview with a stranger and had no idea what I was doing, but I enjoyed the conversation, and even though Elliott’s story was different than mine, I resonated with it.  Soon after I released this episode, I got another survivor email telling me how listening to Elliott made them feel less alone in the world and this person urged me to keep going with the podcast.

So with that electronic pat on the back, which felt really good, by the way, I set out to find other survivors to interview. I went back to Reddit but no one there answered my call this time, so I posted on Instagram with the hope of getting one person…….. and the rest, as they say, is history.

My inbox was flooded with survivor emails from all over the world, who wanted to share their stories, and I felt honored that they trusted me enough to be the person on the other end of the phone.

Trust is a big issue with narcissist abuse survivors, whether you were raised by one…..or two, or if you were in a relationship with one……or five. It’s something I know firsthand from my own survivor experience, and I know it’s the first thing you lose, not just in other people, but in yourself too.

And that’s why we’re here. In the process of sharing our stories and advocating for others, we’re all here to heal together. Just the thought of this warms my heart and I hope it does for you too.

We’re not just people living our pain alone anymore. We’re a community now. And the stronger our community, the more amazing things we’ll be able to do for current survivors and future ones too.

So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for listening. And a big thank you for helping me and everyone else out there heal.

With Much Love,

Brandon aka Chad


The Mission of Narcissist Apocalypse

Narcissist Apocalypse believes that the power of story can comfort, educate, motivate, and inspire other survivors to take back the power in their lives.

Narcissistic Abuse isn’t prejudiced.

It doesn’t care what gender, race, religion, or socio/economic background you come from.

Our stories may sound different, yet they’re all still the same.

And it’s within that shared experience, that we believe our community will stand strong. That we will listen to survivors when they need an ear. That we will advocate for survivors to get them the help they need. And in the process, all of us will grow, and heal together.