Narcissist Apocalypse Survivor Stories. 

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Sonny – Episode 27

Chad talks with Sunny about being in a physically abusive relationship and the connection of growing up in a narcissist abuse riddled household.

Irene – Episode 26

Chad talks with Irene about her traumatic eight-year relationship with a narcissist and the C-PTSD that followed.

Chantel – Episode 25

Chad talks with Chantel about growing up with a narcissistic mother and her struggle with perfectionism.

Elizabeth – Episode 24

Chad talks with Elizabeth about her relationship with a narcissist in sheep’s clothing and the devastating effects it had on her psyche.

Helen – Episode 23

Chad talks with Helen, a Domestic Violence/Divorce Attorney & Narcissist Abuse Survivor, about the steps abuse victims need to take when divorcing someone with a Narcissistic Personality or other High Conflict Personalities.

Janieth – Episode 22

Chad talks with Janeith about her underhanded narcissistic husband, her children, and the broken court system.

Allie – Episode 21

Chad talks with Allie about growing up with a narcissistic father, parentification, and the loss of her identity.

Leyla – Episode 19

Chad talks with Leyla about her abusive marriage to a narcissistic police officer.

Paige – Episode 18

Chad talks to Paige about breaking away from the abuse of her covert narcissist mother.