Narcissist Apocalypse Survivor Stories. 

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Clover – Episode 47

Chad talks with Clover about her abusive relationship with a conflict loving firefighter.

Darrin – Episode 46

Chad talks with Darrin about his codependency issues and how it was a recipe for disaster in his relationship with a narcissist.

Essence – Episode 45

Chad talks with Essence about her abusive relationship and the coercive control that almost pushed her into ending her own life.

Jaws – Episode 43

Chad talks with Jaws about her abusive relationship with a very jealous, manipulative, and controlling narcissist.

Doris – Episode 42

Chad talks with Doris about her relationship with a very reactive physical abuser and the struggle to break free from domestic violence.

Delilah – Episode 41

Chad talks with Delilah about her abusive marriage and how her husband used her children as pawns just to spite her.

Saarah – Episode 39

Chad talks with Saarah about being raised in a dysfunctional home and her six abusive relationship with her controlling husband.

Jenna Lee – Episode 39

Chad talks with Jenna Lee about her abusive relationship with a sadistic firefighter that just wanted to control her.

Rachel – Episode 37

Chad talks with Rachel about her confusing relationship with a narcissist who helped her get sober and then almost drove her back to drinking.