Narcissist Apocalypse Survivor Stories. 

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Janieth – Episode 22

Chad talks with Janeith about her underhanded narcissistic husband, her children, and the broken court system.

Allie – Episode 21

Chad talks with Allie about growing up with a narcissistic father, parentification, and the loss of her identity.

Leyla – Episode 19

Chad talks with Leyla about her abusive marriage to a narcissistic police officer.

Paige – Episode 18

Chad talks to Paige about breaking away from the abuse of her covert narcissist mother.

Lexie – Episode 17

Chad talks with Lexie about being adopted by a narcissistic mother and her life as the primary scapegoat amongst her ten siblings.

David – Episode 16

Chad talks with David about being raised by a physically/mentally abusive narcissistic father and his own identity struggles as an adult.

Olivia – Episode 15

Chad talks to Olivia about her traumatic relationship with a narcissist and how her soul is fighting back.

Jana – Episode 14

Chad talks with Jana about her 12-year marriage to a narcissist and the trust issues that developed with her daughters after it was over.