Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Coaching

Why narcissistic abuse recovery coaching? If you have narcissistic parents and/or have been in a long-term relationship with a narcissist, you have likely experienced complex trauma: prolonged, systematic, and targeted neglect and abuse. You also may have been traumatized by others who failed to understand or denied the realities of what you’ve gone through.

Such experiences set you up for self-defeating beliefs and patterns that may be affecting every aspect of your life—your self-concept, your emotional state, your physical health, your relationships, even the work you do in the world.

Therapy has an important role to play in the recovery process, but because many psychotherapists are not trained in narcissism or treating narcissistic abuse trauma, some survivors do not find the help they need when seeking therapeutic support. For those looking for alternatives, specialized coaching can be a lifeline.

As a certified coach from the New Ventures West Program, my first and foremost job is to listen and validate your experience. When it comes to relationship recovery, my approach is to help you recognize the patterns of abuse and how you were systematically broken down by manipulation tactics. We will also identify your feelings, beliefs, and triggers, that your partner chose to exploit, so you can create better boundaries for a much healthier future. We’ll also work on coping styles, attachment styles, separating who you are from who you were told you are, self care, processing grief, and emotional literacy.  

For adult children of narcissists or from dysfunctional homes, my approach is to help you identify your role in the family as wel as other family member roles, interpret sibling and parent dynamics, identify your feelings, beliefs, triggers, and the patterns that were formed for you to survive that may not be serving you anymore. We will also work on healthier ways to interact with your family if you are still in contact with them.

Depending on your needs, coaching may be a few conversations or ongoing sessions.

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