ShowInfidelity Episodes

Episode 20

Janet, The Abusive Family, & The Predator – Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Narcissist Abuse

Brandon talks with Janet about growing up in an abusive household, which eventually led her into the hands of a predator. It’s a story of trauma, addiction, grooming, physical & sexual abuse, suicidal ideation, identity, and surviving it all.

Episode 14

Neely & The Emotionally Abusive Cheating Narcissist – Narcissistic Abuse, Infidelity, Reactive Abuse, Gaslighting, Trauma.

Brandon talks with Neely about her toxic marriage to a cheating narcissist. It's a story of It’s a story of narcissistic in-laws, smear campaigns, reactive abuse, and begging for love.

Episode 107

Judy & The Fairy Tale Nightmare – Betrayal, Infidelity, Domestic Violence, IPV, & Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

Brandon talks with Judy about her fairy tale 15 year marriage that turned into a nightmare with a covert narcissist. It's a story of betrayal trauma, infidelity, financial abuse, PTSD, love fraud, and stolen memories.

Episode 106

Ethel & The Violent Narcissist – Domestic Violence, IPV, PTSD, Infidelity, Codependency, & Narcissistic Abuse Survivor

Brandon talks with Ethel about her physically abusive relationship with a violent narcissist who used their PTSD as an excuse for everything. It’s a story of victim playing, infidelity, guilt, shame, emotional abuse, and the power of persuasion.

Episode 13

Adelaide & The Dehumanizing Wealthy Narcissist – Infidelity, Narcissistic Abuse, & Domestic Violence Survivor

Brandon talks with Adelaide about her 10 year toxic relationship with a dehumanizing wealthy narcissist abuser. It’s a story of financial abuse, isolation, infidelity, neglect, threats, and that something was wrong..

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