Rachel – Episode 37

Chad talks with Rachel about her confusing relationship with a narcissist who helped her get sober and then almost drove her back to drinking.

Diamond – Episode 36

Chad talks with Diamond about growing up in a dysfunctional family with an emotionally disturbed brother and an abusive mother.

Alex – Episode 35

Chad talks with Alex about the 15 years of devaluation he endured at the hands of his narcissistic ex-wife.

Jenny – Episode 34

Chad talks to Jenny about being raised by her overbearing father who saw her as the holy grail of narcissistic...

Billy Jean – Episode 33

Chad talks with Billy Jean about her current marriage to a controlling narcissist and how she’s gaining the strength to leave him. 

Grace – Episode 32

Chad talks with Grace about her abusive relationship with a narcissist and the issues she’s dealt with in the aftermath.